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AUXdron, the first drone specially designed for beach rescue

dron duarry ausmar

Ausmar presents AUXdron Lifeguard, the first drone specially designed for beach rescue.


Equipped with a camera and two watertight compartments to release two life jackets. It reduces the time of response of a victim's location at sea so that the rescue teams arrive faster.

Our experience tells us the difficulty of the different rescue operations and emergencies and the complications of access by the rescue teams.

One of the premises in rescue is prevention and surveillance, so that emergency situations are largely avoided. The importance of a good view from the air is essential to know what is happening in real time and avoid subsequent actions that involve greater danger.

For all this, Duarry MSE, proposes a range of drones that give aerial solutions, as never before had been possible.

- AUXDRON sea support (MODELS: SEARCH - SEARCH AND RESCUE). As support for rescue teams.
- AUXDRON lifeguard. The first drone specially designed for beach rescue.