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Reinventing Fire Suppression

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Ausmar incorporates a new product exclusively for Catalonia, FirePro Condensed Aerosols. As part of our sustainability policy, we continue to support new initiatives and products with a minimum impact on the environment.

Faithful to our commitment to the preservation of the environment, with projects such as Hydroville and Ortze, we have added FirePro to our catalogue. An innovative fire extinguishing system that respects the environment.

FirePro is a condensed aerosol system composed of potassium salts, without incorporating any pyrotechnic material and with the clean agent certification.

FirePro is available in different models to suit a wide variety of applications. Its technology is based on a solid compound "SBK", rich in potassium salts (K), which when activated causes a chemical reaction and rapidly converts into a powerful aerosol. It is certified for class A, B, C and F fires and has a tested useful life of 15 years and is not harmful to the environment or people.

FirePro is compatible with conventional and addressable fire alarm systems.




Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression:

  • Assessed by the Global Eco-labelling Network GEN (Global Eco-labelling Network)
  • Zero warming potential
  • Ozone friendly and contains no CFCs
  • Green labelling and approved under the Significant New Alternatives Policy - SNAP
  • ISO 14001 certified


  • Minimises installation costs
  • Maximises space utilisation
  • Useful life of 15 years
  • Suitable for all types of fires and installations
  • Visual integration with the environment
  • Not harmful to people
  • Non-polluting