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Puls - R


For use with 12v Lead Acid / Gel Lead Acid / AGM Batteries. Single battery operation.


Puls-R is the device that doubles the battery life

  • Increase your battery lifespan by at least 100%.
  • Charge your battery faster.
  • Replace your battery less often.
  • Can restore older batteries in conjunction with a 12v charger.
  • Crystal Control Technology treats the sulphate crystals in your battery, giving up to 340% additional capacity over the lifespan of your battery, when compared to an untreated battery.


Technology at a glance

  • Renewal of the active material in the battery.
  • Promotion of the growth of fine lead dioxide crystals on positive electrodes for a more homogeneous and better functioning electrode.
  • Transformation of lead sulphate crystallised on negative electrodes into lead and sulphuric acid.
  • Reduction in the formation of larger lead sulphate crystals.


"Reduce running costs with shorter recharging times less time running the engines, less time using shore power"