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Rescue Star

A new revolutionary safety system is born: the Rescue Star®. Manufactured by RLS Rettungstechnologie GmbH – Germany, this new marine safety solution is used for the rescue in a horizontal body position of injured people in water.

It is especially designed for the rescue of shipwrecked people during bad weather conditions and heavy sea state, where any use of the rescue boat itself means a high risk to life and to the boat crew.



The Rescue Star® is available in three aluminium models and a different one made of stainless steel. All three aluminium models are wrapped in a PVC tube, which can also be used as a storage tool for the rescue system. The stainless steel model, similarly, is wrapped in a galvanized steel tube that serves again as a stow tool for the system.



  • Simple, self-explanatory function
  • Easy installation
  • It works with any vertical lift crane
  • The crew can carry out any kind of installation on board
  • Safe rescue in medically required horizontal body position
  • All-round easy access of wave independent rescue-disc by the person in the water
  • Suitable for several salvaged persons
  • No rescue boat use - so no danger to the ship crew
  • Proven under heavy conditions like storm, high waves and high ship's sides
  • It requires neither costly inspections nor repeat tests


Technical features



The Rescue Star® meets all technical and medical needs as well as the requirements of any risk free rescue, corresponding to SOLAS III/17-1 Paragraph 2.


Suitable for...

The Rescue Star® is generally suitable for all types and sizes of ships, but particularly for those with high tailboard, as ferries and cruise ships. But also for SAR, the navy and government vehicles, as the increased safety in rescue operations is of the utmost importance.